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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

sears tires warranty


  1. Tires at Sears - Goodyear, Michelin, Dunlop & BF Goodrich Tires
    Sears Auto Centers offer expert automotive service and repair at over 800+ locations nationwide. Order your tires online and schedule an appointment to have ...
  2. Warranty Information - Sears
    To obtain more warranty information, please fill out the fields below. Before you submit your request to Sears, please read our privacy policy and terms and ...
  3. Sears Auto Center - Hayward, CA
    In a nutshell, never buy tires from Sears. Their "warranty" really just protects Sears, not you. If your tires wear out early or have a problem, all you get is a prorated ...
  4. Will Sears Keep Its Promise? A consumer-friendly change to - AARP
    Nov 9, 2010 ... When I stopped by my local Sears tire center recently, I discovered that, a full year later, the tire warranty had yet to be changed, so Sears ...
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  1. 1:17

    K-mart will not honor Sears Craftsman warranties, even though they sell the same tool. - YouTube
    04/02/2012 às 02:09:19
    I went to the local Kmart to swap out a failed 1/4 ratchet and screwdriver I had, and they said that unless I purchased them there, they would not ...

  2. 1:35

    Cuisinart Gourmet Infrared 800 BBQ From Canadian Tire - YouTube
    27/03/2012 às 18:21:30
    See Price: Cuisinart Gourmet Infrared 800 The Cuisinart Gourmet Infrared 800 Grill blends design function and features for an ...

  3. 2:43

    Pump My Tire (a paneful parody by The Windows) - YouTube
    18/02/2009 às 14:57:31
    Typical Handtrix product with the usual HandFarts & Tire Pump solos. ATTENTION DOORS PURISTS: Don't watch this, odds are you won't ...

  4. 0:38

    1991 - Commercial - Sears - DieHard Warranty - More power when you need it most. - Only at Sears - YouTube
    25/09/2011 às 18:17:53
    Brought to you by Follow us on Twitter @ http Doyou have a favorite memory pertaining to this video artifact? Please share ...

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  1. Michelin Tires Continue To Flood The Market With Expertise And ...
    14/08/2012 às 20:00:00 por unknown
    Sears shortly followed, also contracting these tires for their marketing, thanks to the Michelin expertise in the radial field. During these ... Excellent warranties are provided for all tires, no matter their design or intended vehicle.
  2. Sears Tires Prices: Tips On Buying Good Quality Tires
    20/06/2012 às 00:01:25 por admin
    You must also take note of the price however it should be secondary to the quality. Sears price tires may vary but you will be guaranteed that their tires are of superior quality. They also come with a warranty. Make sure to read ...
  3. Shopping For Tire Replacements With Help From Sears Tires
    11/06/2012 às 11:13:43 por searstid366
    According to Sears Tire experts, another aspect that you may want to look into when buying tire replacements is the warranty. Tire manufacturers provide a warranty for all their tire products, but check if the dealer you are ...
  4. Fitness and Well-Being Sears treadmill
    13/08/2012 às 08:17:12 por unknown
    Sears treadmills can be bought for commercial or residential use. All of the Sears treadmills bought for home use come with a lifetime warranty for the electronics, motor, belt, deck, frame and a one year labor warranty. Sears is ...
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  1. Press on Your Side: Belmar man upset with tire problems after only 14000 miles

    Asbury Park Press
    18/07/2012 às 18:31:53
    Hayes bought four Bridgestone tires for his 2002 Pontiac Montana in January 2007 at Sears, along with a 65,000-mile tire warranty at an extra cost. So Hayes took the van to Sears. A clerk there found another tire with the problem, which she called dry ...

  2. Call Kurtis: Does Your Warranty Cover What You Think It Does?

    CBS Local
    21/07/2012 às 02:45:17
    The icemaker hasn't worked properly since Day One, she said, and after four visits from repairmen, Sears offered a replacement under her warranty ? but with significantly fewer features, she said. Waters got the fridge on sale ? half off ? and she ...

    CBS Local

  3. Sears to return to downtown Walla Walla

    Walla Walla Union-Bulletin
    12/08/2012 às 11:35:29
    More than 900 such stores operate across the country with slightly more autonomy but with Sears inventory and backed by its warranties and service. "It's a real nice deal for more rural areas," said Hester, who owns stores in Baker City and La Grande, Ore.

  4. Shopping for new tires? Tips to get the BEST deal (KNXV-TV)
    19/07/2012 às 02:08:14
    ... tire in the same size at Big O Tires, $75.99. Sears had the cheapest tire in the size, $69.98 for a Radar tire. ... Also, just because a tire has a mileage warranty doesn't mean if something happens, you will get a new tire for free. Howard said ... (KNXV-TV)

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