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Saturday, May 11, 2013

urban dictionary swagger jacker


  1. Urban Dictionary: swagger jacker
    A person who steals someone elses flow, lines, jokes, swagger.
  2. Urban Dictionary: swagger jacker
    To steal someone else's unique style that sets them apart from the crowd, makes them famous, or otherwise steals their thunder making them warrant ...
  3. Urban Dictionary: Swagger Jacker
    1. A person who steals another persons swag/since of style/ or being 2. A copy cat.
  4. Urban Dictionary: swagger-jacker
    a swagger jacker is person that takes someone else's ideals and claim's them to be his/or hers.
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  1. 4:30

    05/06/2012 às 19:15:44
    Music by Mr.Street-Swag performing KEEP CALLIN'. SWAGGER JACKER 2012 Classay Entertainment/A-Class(C) Email: FREE ...

  2. 14:42

    President Obama - Swagger Like Us - YouTube
    25/04/2012 às 04:36:25
    "But I can't teach you my swag/You can pay the school, but you can't buy class." - JAY-Z, "Swagger Like Us" During ...

  3. 2:56

    Swagger Jagger | Superspeckybecky - YouTube
    12/07/2011 às 15:07:17
    WTF is Swagger Jagger , Cher Lloyd? Follow me on Twitter!!/SuperSpeckybeck Watch as I pull apart Cher Lloyd's Swagger Jagger ...

  4. 2:25

    Urban Defined: SWAG! - YouTube
    18/09/2012 às 01:46:22
    Urban Dictionary Orginally from the Scottish slang word "swagger" which was a description of the way some Scots walk (in a swaying ...

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  1. Kelis: A Swagger Jumper | Live | Fashion. Music. Lifestyle
    18/08/2009 às 10:46:34 por AHLOT
    According to the Urban Dictionary, a Swagger Jacker is ?someone who steals someone else's style, flow, lyrics, ideas and passes them off as there own?. According to AHLOT, a Swagger Jumper is someone who starts a trend ...
  2. Huduma Bora...: Swagger Jacking 101.
    21/04/2011 às 10:37:00 por KW
    Swagger Jacking 101. The Urban dictionary defines swagger jacking as "stealing somebody else's ways, copying their swagger". Look at the picture below. Swagger Jacking? The biscuit packet at the top of the 3 is McVitie's ...
  3. Sorry Cher. I'm just an ugly, jealous hater. | It's a LDN Thing.
    31/07/2011 às 19:32:00 por Millie
    Swagger Jagger has now been defined on as "A shit, pointless song with stupid lyrics made by Cher Lloyd" and "Ugly Slapper With Bad Complexion That Wears Too Much Make-Up and Scks Off Farm Animals While Making a Horrendous Wailing Sound..."And my favourite, "A miss interpretation/ Miss hearing of "Swagger Jacker" Commonly misheard by uneducated, illiterate teenagers, who think they are "Gangstar as F***". The term is infact ...
  4. Urban Dictionary | Humble Howard Radio
    31/01/2007 às 11:46:43 por unknown
    Urban Dictionary. The Urban Dictionary its a compendium of all the latest words that your kids know but you have no freakin clue about. It's a great tool for parents or 40 somethings that want to stay in the know. Everything from dirty definitions like ... Swagger Jacker Someone who steals someone else's, style, flow, lyrics, ideas and passes them off as there own. "Yo Cam and Jay your both a couple of swagger jackers." Ha. Tell me you don't feel hipper/incredibly old!
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