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Saturday, June 15, 2013

vlc android stream


  1. VLC HD Remote (+ Stream) - Android Apps on Google Play
    Jun 21, 2012 ... VLC HD Remote - free, simple, versatile. VLC HD Remote is a free app for using your Android device as remote control for all versions of the ...
  2. VLC for Android Beta - Android Apps on Google Play
    Oct 17, 2012 ... VLC for Android? plays most local video and audio files, as well as network streams (including adaptive streaming), like the desktop version of ...
  3. How to stream videos to your Android device
    Mar 29, 2012 ... How to stream videos to your Android device ... Sacrificing quality for convenience, it's easy to set up VLC to stream your entire movie collection ...
  4. VLC Stream & Convert - Android Forums
    Has anyone tried the app VLC Stream and Convert? VLC Stream & Convert v0. 4.28 Application for Android | Multimedia It looks promising as a.
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  1. 1:38

    VLC Direct Streaming Example - YouTube
    17/05/2011 às 00:59:09
    How to Stream Videos to and from Android using VLC Direct

  2. 4:59

    How to Stream using VLC Internet Streaming Server (Windows) PART ONE - YouTube
    24/08/2011 às 08:59:31
    This is the first video in a two part series on how to set up VLC to stream a video over the internet. This is how to do it in windows. For the ...

  3. 6:08

    VLC Remote Android Tutorial - YouTube
    31/10/2009 às 01:57:32
    Control Movies on your PC from your Android phone

  4. 3:31

    Streaming live cable tv to Android from Ubuntu Linux via VLC and V4L2 - YouTube
    17/01/2011 às 05:51:48
    Update... If you find this interesting, look at my updated video here: This is an example of live streaming cable tv to Android ...

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  1. How to play data stream from android using VLC? - Stack Overflow
    10/10/2012 às 06:31:40 por JasJar
    I believe that you want to publish a stream ip with your android, this part as you are saying it is working fine. While from the PC you can open this from VLC network stream. The missing part is to find out what is the address of this ...
  2. VLC for Android Beta 0.0.6 (v0.0.6) APK App Updated with Reduced ...
    23/10/2012 às 05:48:56 por neelUm
    VLC for Android Beta v0.0.6 is a totally free multimedia player which plays the majority of media formats and even discs, devices, and also network streaming protocols. VLC for Android Beta 0.0.6 plays most local video and ...
  3. VLC Stream & Convert | AppBrain Android Market
    11/08/2011 às 21:00:00 por unknown
    Get the VLC Stream & Convert Android app (???¾, >250000 downloads) ? Advanced remote control for VLC player (no additional software needed)...
  4. REAL STOP: VLC for Android Beta apk app 0.06
    22/10/2012 às 23:51:00 por jeprox
    VLC for Android? plays most local video and audio files, as well as network streams, like the desktop version of VLC. VLC for Android has a media library for audio and video files, and allows to browse folders directly.
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  1. VLC Player beta for Android updated to version 0.0.6

    Connected Digital World (blog)
    20/10/2012 às 05:52:56
    VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as discs, devices, and network streaming protocols. This is a BETA version of the port to the Android platform. It is intended for power users and ...

  2. VLC Media Player 2.0.4 supports Opus decoding

    The H
    18/10/2012 às 10:30:23
    Among the improvements in VLC 2.0.4 are better support for Blu-ray and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), updates to YouTube and Vimeo streaming, and the addition of support for MSS1 and MSS2 decoding through DirectX Media Objects (DMO) libraries. Other ...

  3. Streaming Servers 2012: New Features, New Opportunities
    24/10/2012 às 17:24:41
    "Helix is a media delivery platform, end to end," said Smith, "from our SDK for Android to our current DASH implementations of MPEG2 Transport Stream and MP4. We have DASH fully in place and ready to go, ... Given Leteurte's role for nearly a decade as ...

  4. Key parts of Ubuntu 13.04 will be developed in secret, to escape the critics' ire

    18/10/2012 às 14:43:34
    There is nothing wrong with an open source project being developed privately (Google does this with Android), but it's quite out of character for Ubuntu, which has historically outlined all of its features ? and then worked with the community to ...


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  1. Media Networks: Architectures, Applications, and Standards
    Autor: Hassnaa Moustafa, Sherali Zeadally
    Ano publicação: 2012
    Páginas: 535 páginas
    Identificador: ISBN1439877289

  2. Advances in Computing and Communications, Part IV: First International ...
    Autor: unknown
    Ano publicação: 2011
    Páginas: 624 páginas
    Identificador: ISBN3642227252

  3. Media Networks: Architectures, Applications, and Standards
    Autor: Hassnaa Moustafa and Sherali Zeadally
    Ano publicação: unknown
    Páginas: 0 páginas
    Identificador: ISBN1466566582

  4. HTML5: Up and Running
    Autor: Mark Pilgrim
    Ano publicação: 2010
    Páginas: 224 páginas
    Identificador: ISBN0596806027

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