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Sunday, August 4, 2013

google facebook blackout


  1. Will Google, Amazon, and Facebook Black Out the Net? | Fox News
    Dec 30, 2011 ... In the growing battle for the future of the Web, some of the biggest sites online -- Google, Facebook, and other tech stalwarts -- are considering ...
  2. Unless Facebook, Google blackout, SOPA will succeed: Here's what ...
    Jan 11, 2012 ... Reddit's upcoming blackout is a good start, but misses the mark. Here's how you can help: by directly contacting Facebook and Google, two key ...
  3. Google, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook consider 'nuclear' blackout ...
    Jan 4, 2012 ... Internet giants are considering a 'nuclear option' against the SOPA bill. Should they press the button internationally?
  4. Reddit's SOPA Blackout Admirable, But Google and Facebook Must ...
    Jan 11, 2012 ... Update: Join me in fighting SOPA on Facebook during next week's Reddit blackout. A week from today, one of the most popular websites on the ...
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  1. 2:39

    Reddit SOPA Blackout - Will Google, Facebook Join? - YouTube
    11/01/2012 às 21:09:35
    Show support for the Tech blackout in protest of SOPA here: Reddit has planned a 'blackout' on Wednesday January 18th to protest ...

  2. 2:55

    Google, Facebook, Twitter and Many More Consider 'Nuclear' Blackout! - YouTube
    04/01/2012 às 19:02:28

  3. 1:37

    January 23 2012 Shutting Down Google,Facebook,Twitter,Yahoo and more (Operation Black Out) - YouTube
    10/01/2012 às 17:03:20
    Operation "Black Out" Shutting Down AOL,eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Foursquare, Google, IAC, LinkedIn, Mozilla OpenDNS, PayPal ...

  4. 1:45

    Will Google, Amazon, and Facebook Black Out the Net? - YouTube
    31/12/2011 às 16:01:21
    See what the likes of Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, among other web giants are planning to do if the SOPA bill passes congress. They plan on ...

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  1. Will Google, Amazon, and Facebook Black Out the Net? | The ...
    30/12/2011 às 17:41:46 por TexasFred
    Will Google, Amazon, and Facebook Black Out the Net? In the growing battle for the future of the Web, some of the biggest sites online ? Google, Facebook, and other tech stalwarts ? are considering a coordinated blackout ...
  2. Today's e-Reads, Updated: An Internet Blackout?
    30/12/2011 às 17:06:12 por unknown
    Today's e-Reads, Updated: An Internet Blackout? By Josh Smith // December 30, 2011 | 2:06 p.m.. Facebook Twitter G+ AddThis Leave a Comment. Top websites like Google and Facebook are considering a coordinated blackout to protest ...
  3. Google, Amazon, Facebook, eBay and others planning... | The Tech ...
    02/01/2012 às 22:44:15 por unknown
    Big companies including Google, Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Twitter, PayPal, Wikipedia, AOL and others are allegedly in talks to have a conjunct "Blackout Day", a day these companies will have their websites and services ...
  4. Will Google, Facebook, others 'nuke' Internet over SOPA ...
    24/10/2012 às 01:33:45 por unknown
    Now, as part of the NetCoalition trade association, these companies are joining Wikipedia's Wikimedia Foundation in a possible Internet blackout: AOL. eBay. Etsy. Facebook. Foursquare. Google. IAC. LinkedIn. Mozilla. OpenDNS. PayPal ...
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  1. Google Vows Blockade If France Charges for Links

    19/10/2012 às 13:39:24
    Today in international tech news: Google threatens a French media blackout if the country implements its proposal to make search engines pay for content. Also: A man in the UK uses Facebook to track down his wife's alleged rapist, Anonymous comrades ...

  2. Obama and Romney Views on Intellectual Property

    06/11/2012 às 18:25:30
    Participants in the blackout included Google, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr and 75,000 other sites. The pros to SOPA/PIPA were that it would help American copyright holders and would shut down foreign websites that pirate copyrighted material. However, the ...

  3. What Would Life Be Like Without Technology? A Onetime Addict Finds Out

    Phoenix New Times
    14/11/2012 às 20:14:06
    Technology's awesome: Neil Armstrong, Google, Spotify, ATMs, online porn, MapQuest. Hell, at iTunes U you can take classes from Yale ? for free. Still, something in the back of my mind makes ... Going without Facebook, texting, or e-mail for an entire ...

  4. Wikipedia wants you

    Minneapolis Star Tribune
    30/10/2012 às 17:12:21
    A blackout landing page is displayed on a laptop computer screen inside the "Anti-Sopa War Room" at the offices of the Wikipedia Foundation in San Francisco, Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012. Photo: Eric Risberg, ASSOCIATED PRESS - AP. Camera Star Tribune ...

    Minneapolis Star Tribune

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  1. Facebook Nation
    Autor: Newton Lee
    Ano publicação: 2013
    Páginas: 0 páginas
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  2. New Media, Old Regimes: Case Studies in Comparative Communication Law and Policy
    Autor: Lyombe S. Eko
    Ano publicação: 2012
    Páginas: 450 páginas
    Identificador: ISBN0739167898

  3. Stock Options For Dummies
    Autor: Alan R. Simon
    Ano publicação: 2001
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  4. Redefining Public Space in Hanoi: Places, Practices and Meaning
    Autor: Sandra Kurfürst
    Ano publicação: 2013
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